This Is Us

Currently being developed

What can you expect

There are hundreds of things out there I could have chosen to blog about and a few that I know would have brought me a lot more traffic.
I chose to blog about our pets not only because of the joy they bring us but also because the love we have for animals brings all people together at a common place. It doesn’t matter what differences we have in religion, culture or politics; we can be worlds apart but still connect on a common ground. For this reason, I promise not to post about social or political issues of the day. I’m here to get away from all that and to give you a break from the world as well.

Our goals

I don’t have any outrageous blogging goals of making thousands of dollars per month as some do. My goal is to grow a community of friends and bring in just enough income to cover all the expenses of our beloved family members.

If you have any questions you can contact us here