Late Night Treasure

Dear diary from Gomez. Last night when the humans were sleeping and all was dark, I sprung over furniture and bounced off the walls. I was no longer a black cat; I was a panther prowling the night looking for treasure. Which I found on top of the human’s desk. I took my pray and threw it on the ground. This small black object almost got away but I was quicker. I bat it this way and that, through the hallway and into the kitchen, under the chairs and into the wall. I paused, my humans stirred. I quickly gathered my treasure up into my mouth and pranced down the hall to their bedroom to see if they were awake. They were but they pretended not to be. So I let my treasure go and chased after it because I knew surely it was going to get away. And it did! Right under the sofa. Oh well. I’ll get it next time.

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