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Thank you for visiting my little corner. There are hundreds of subjects out there I could have chosen to blog about and a few that I know would have brought me a lot more traffic.
I have chosen to blog about our pets not only because of the joy they bring us but also because the love we have for animals brings all people together at a common place. It doesn’t matter what differences we have in religion, culture or politics; we can be worlds apart but still connect on a common ground.

We got our first cat the same year we got married. I was working at Lowe’s one night and someone found three kittens hidden between some pallets. No one had seen the mom and we couldn’t leave them there because the forklift would injure them. So another employee and I took the kittens home. She took one, my parents took one and we took the last. We named the kitten Merlin. He was pretty young and had to be nursed for a while and since I was working at the time I let my mom keep him for about a week or two. And of course, I quickly fell in love. Our Merlin grew… and grew some more. We blinked and suddenly had a 15 pound part Maine Coon on our hands. My husband at the time was not a cat person and he was not happy about the arrangement. Six years and two other cats later he still doesn’t get along with Merlin. But in his defense, Merlin does have a serious cattitude problem.

Fast forward to a year later. I was still working at Lowe’s which is where I found our second cat, Morgana. Someone found her in the bushes and I was determined to turn my head and not take another cat home. But when I saw that she didn’t have a tail I assumed that she had been abused and immediately claimed her. She turned out to be a timid little Manx cat. Which means that she was born without a tail naturally. Did you know that a cat without a tail runs like a bunny? It’s quite cute to watch! This was the first cat my husband actually liked. She plays fetch, she likes to be patted and not petted, and she will hold a conversation with you. Granted I don’t know what we are saying but we seem to say a lot.

Two more years passed by and by this time we had moved out of our apartment and bought a house. My husband’s aunt passed away and we took in her 13 (we think) year old Cockapoo, Toby. We really fell in love with him but also his breed. Or his mix depending on how you view it. Having him the last few years of his life though was a bit hard financially because there was always something wrong. His joints, eyes, skin, back, teeth…. But it was all worth it to us. In the end, we found a tumor on his bladder and he went downhill until we finally had to make that hard decision.

Back up to us having Toby for only a year and my brother in law found three kittens in his burn pile. One of them we didn’t think was going to make it and they didn’t have the time to devote to his care like I did, so we took him home. AJ wanted me to agree to find him another home as soon as he was old enough. Since he was a black cat I agreed that I would find him a home right after Halloween so nothing would happen to him. We really didn’t think he was going to last the night anyway. But he did and Halloween came and went. I kept with my agreement and started to look for him another place to live but by that time AJ had fallen in love. So we kept him 🙂 I named him Gomez after the black and white sitcom The Addams Family. He is the biggest cuddle bug out of the three and has the biggest personality. He became best friends with Toby the dog. He would eat with him, sleep with him, play with him and bathe him. When Toby passed away Gomez started acting out aggressively towards the other two cats. Is it Gomez grieving or is he just bored? Personally I think it’s a little of both. 

We are currently waiting for the day we can bring home our new standard poodle puppy. Should be mid-August! I hope to take you with us on the journey as we wait for him, raise him, and enjoy life with them all. 

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