Water Bottle for Your Cat? Can It Be Done?

Guest post from my lovely friend and fellow blogger, Crystal Snyder
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Water is essential for a healthy pet, but sometimes kitty likes to splash in her water. This habit can ruin hardwood floors and create an unholy mess to constantly clean up. Water, water everywhere. Then you have got to clean it up and refill kitty’s dish and there you go again; kitty is playing in the water.
I tried everything with my cat. Bowl inside of a bowl. Heavy weighted bowls. Huge bowls that would be hard to tip over. Nothing worked with my mischievous Sir Loki. If he could splash it out, he would splash it out, if he could dump it, he would dump it. If he could tip it over, you guessed it, he would tip it over. I got so frustrated with the constant cleaning up and refilling of water bowls that I had to do something.

What was the solution to this issue? The cat had to have water, but this splashing and spilling had to stop. He was so busy playing in the water that he never got around to drinking it! Strange little cat.
On a whim, while at Wal-Mart, I picked up a small animal water bottle.

These things you get for bunnies, guinea pigs, ferrets, and other small animals.  I bought it and rigged it up on a piece of furniture and called over Loki. It took maybe five minutes of squeezing the bottle to show him that it had water, and soon he was lapping at it.

It has worked out absolutely perfect for my cat. When he is thirsty, he goes right to it and just laps and laps and laps it up. It is very easy to refill, though somewhat of a pain to clean and the ball that keeps the water from just spilling out is metal on metal, so it makes a bit of a racket. It is all worth it though for the ease of keeping my Loki watered and my floors clean and dry.
If I had any complaint with the specific one that I purchased, it would be that it drips a little bit as it gets low on water. It is not so much as to make a mess, putting a pet placemat or small rug under it solves the problem as it’s just a small dribble on occasion. Nothing like the huge mess that Loki used to make.
Water bottles such as this run quite cheap. This specific model is $7.99 on Amazon.com and works very well. If you have got a splasher consider trying out a small pet water bottle.
Keep the bottle clean with a set of cleaning brushes, such as these from Amazon.com.

Clean water is essential to kitty’s kidney health and the inside of the water bottles can get a little slimy over time. Since the opening of the water bottles is so small, having a set of brushes to keep it clean is important.

Crystal and her cat Sir Loki. You can visit her here

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